Dewey Lake

Dewey Lake

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Acres: 225
Avg. Depth (ft): 10

Dewey Lake is a 225-acre all-sports lake among the Sister Lakes, which include Round Lake, Big Crooked, Little Crooked, and Cable lakes, about 10 miles northwest of Dowagiac and 15 to 20 miles eas...


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Dewey Lake is what made me want to start BetterLakes. The lake is fine, it's clean and quiet, and the people on the lake were fairly nice. The bottom was sandy and the water was pretty clean too! Unfortunately, we did not do our research before renting the vacation house on the lake. We ended up renting a pontoon boat from (which was awesome and they were fantastic to deal with). The lake is really small though. In a low powered pontoon, putzing around...we were able to go around the entire lake in about 7 minutes. The night cruise was humorous because we must have gone around the lake 30 times. It's also really shallow. The average depth is 10 feet, but I doubt it's actually that much. There's also a sand bar on the north east side of the lake. Luckily, you're safe and you'll definitely find it because there's a small little pole sticking up out the water where it is... If you don't have a boat, and are looking just for a pretty lake to swim or paddle in, Dewey Lake is great. If you want motorized water sports, maybe try another one of the sister lakes.