Bow Riding - Big No No

Nick Marchese


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It takes a long time to truly know all the “ins and outs” of boating. If you’re a boat owner, you will be very familiar with the specifics of your boat. If you aren’t a boat owner, or if you’re on someone else’s boat, the unofficial rules can change.

There is, however, one rule that should always be followed. DO NOT RIDE ON THE BOW OF A BOAT.

Why not? It seems like such a fun and amazing experience. The feel of the fresh air blowing in your face, nothing in front of you but open water, and that Jack-to-Rose moment (from Titanic) where you just want to yell at the top of your lungs, “I’m the king of the world! Whoo hoo hoo!”. It’s all fun until you hit a sandbar. Or until you hit some choppy water and go tumbling over the front of the boat.

Think about the danger that comes from that. There’s a surprising number of serious injuries that happen when people tumble over the front of the boat and get hit by the boat, or worse, the propeller.

Bow riding anchor.png

Be smart. Stay in the cabin area of the boat and leave the dramatic visuals for the movie producers.